I will stand my ground,
and fight.

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but you know what they say about me,
that girl is a problem

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marvel + tumblr

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Orphan Black Season 2: Arthur Bell
↳ "Can’t believe you let a cop into clone club." "Yeah? Well, I’m over it."

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Imogen Poots Gifs [268/]

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Anonymous asked:
Hey! What video is Geoff calling Gav a blue bitch from? I want to watch it ahahah

Let’s Play - GTA V Downhill Jam, It’s like 30 minutes in. (sorry if late reply, tumblr’s stop telling me when I have inbox’s on this account)

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Orphan Black Season 2: Side Characters
↳ "You know some very strange people."

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Heaven and Hell, Orphan Black.
"This was never a game, you stupid twat."

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Orphan Black Season 2: Beth Mentions
 ”How many clone notches in your belt now, hey, Paul?”

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Orphan Black Season 2: Helena the Meathead
"But now, I am with my seestra, having adventures."

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Orphan Black Season 2: Brother-Seestra Felix
"It’s clones only tonight." "I know, that means me too."

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